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Reverse-engineering the Storytelling in a New York Times Feature

As a PR nerd, when I read a story in a publication that vacuums my attention, two questions immediately come to mind: Was PR the catalyst for the article? What storytelling techniques carry the narrative? Such is the process I went through with the NYT piece, “A Chinese Billionaire Spinning Research into Investment Gold.” As …more

How Did the City of Chattanooga Land a New York Times Feature?

If you’re like me, you picked up last Tuesday’s New York Times and thought WTH? (OK, maybe it wasn’t “what the heck,” but you get the drift.) How did feel-good storytelling on the City of Chattanooga end up above the fold in The New York Times? I’m sure officials from numerous cities who have invested …more

Why Would The New York Times Pay Attention To A Funding Announcement

Even though the flow of venture capital has slowed to a trickle, the act of securing money still typically rates nothing more than a yawn. The media just doesn’t care about funding news. So why would The New York Times devote 1,064 words to a startup banking $48 million to design chips for computer servers? The funding news was …more

The New York Times Shows Three Pictures Are Worth 3,000 Words (Or So)

  There’s no question that photos like the one above that accompanied a New York Times article on China’s surging demand for coal accentuate storytelling. In some cases, we’re actually seeing storytelling revolve around visuals like the seafood charticle in WIRED Magazine. I think The New York Times does a particularly good job in building their stories around a …more

The New York Times Interpretation Of An Enterprise Computing Story

When the New York Times hired Ashlee Vance, many enterprise computing PR folks rejoiced. Tired of watching the Web 2.0 hotshots dominate business media stories on computing, they thought, “Finally. Here is a major daily bringing on Vance with the implied message that enterprise computing once again matters.” Not exactly. It was as if people …more