Not Exactly 60 Minutes ...


By my back-on-the-envelop math, I’ve conducted over 500 interviews.

It’s one of my favorite parts of the job. The cajoling and probing of a source to get to the good stuff offers a sense of discovery.

With Mother’s Day around the corner, I get to dust off an interview that makes my top-five list. But this particular interview did not involve a client and the acronym SME (subject matter expert); the individual occupying the hot seat is my Mom.

A few years back I was in Tucson visiting my parents and decided to put my Mom’s knowledge of the PR profession to the test. With my trusty videographer, my brother Jerry, and an iPhone, I interviewed my Mom. Thankfully, my brother cut me some slack and didn’t charge union rates.

Channeling a combination of Mike Wallace and Terry Gross, I refused to allow nepotism to enter the picture, asking her the tough questions. At times she tried to dodge my inquiry. It didn’t work. I was relentless in extracting the truth.

Our budget didn’t allow for a sound engineer, so you’ll likely need to dial up the volume on your device.

Take a look.



Since starting my blog I’ve crafted over 1,000 posts. I think my Mom has read all of them. By her way of thinking, the blog is an extension of my youth: “You always liked telling stories.”

I’m thinking that’s not a compliment.

Happy Mother’s Day Mom.


  • Kevin

    She is adorable! She also kept her answer short and sweet, no more than needed. Media training 101 checked. Now I am keen to test my mom and dad.


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