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If A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words … Part II

My last post lamented the lack of quality video earmarked for a B2B audience. Which isn’t to say business videos are a complete wasteland. There’s an eclectic blog called Valley Zen – promotes itself as the intersection of Zen and technology; I thought that was Nolan Bushnell’s dream with Chuck E. Cheese’s – that showcases …more

If A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words, What’s The “Value” Of Video?

When YouTube debuted, I remember thinking what’s all the fuss? You obviously don’t want me reading tarot cards at the local county fair. Universal McCann’s study on social media on video traction shows that more than 80 percent of Internet users watch video online: With that said, I don’t know if anyone predicted that video would …more

Transforming The “Engaged Reader” Into A Journalist

The concept of reader engagement championed in the blogosphere is now making the rounds in the traditional publishing world. BusinessWeek serves as a good exhibit A. MediaShift captured changes afoot at BW in a far-reaching post that included an interview with the big cheese himself, EIC John Byrne. On the topic of reader engagement Byrne shared: …more

That All Important First Graph

Take a look at the following opening paragraph in a recent Economist article: “The porters at Trinity College, Cambridge, were puzzled by the faded, handwritten letter. They did not recognise the addressee’s name, and opened the envelope. Inside was a note which appeared to suggest a meeting; perhaps even a date. But that meeting probably …more

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Businesspeople tend to associate storytelling with fiction. Yet, the same elements that make a book such as “Moby Dick” a compelling read — good versus evil, care for the characters, humor, etc. — have a place in the business world. Whether it’s a potential customer evaluating your product or a journalist probing your latest news, communicating information …more