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300,000 Books, Let Me In and Pogonophilia

The grab-bag post returns for the first time in 2019. As a refresher, I invented the grab bag as a forum to share three shards on business communications that otherwise couldn’t stand on their own. Here goes.   Who Will Get the Books? Fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld died last month. According to Le Figaro, the …more

Don’t Call Me “That,” Math is Fun and Invented by China

The grab bag returns for the second time this year. Three micro takes coming at you —   Who vs. Whom vs. That Frank Bruni’s beautifully crafted essay in The New York Times laments the sloppiness in language that has seen “that” become a synonym for “who” and “whom”: “This bit of wreckage particularly bothered …more

Lost in Translation, McKinsey on Agency Relationships and PR is a Tough Biz

The grab bag returns for the first time in 2017. Why the hiatus? Playing homage to the Google algorithm, I’ve been consciously avoiding shorter blog posts or what some term “stubs.” Yet, I continue to come across shards of content that either amuse, surprise or teach. As individual content, they don’t necessarily frame a post. …more

FT Rejects Biz Storytelling, Beware of Moving Images and Infomercials Baffle FTC

The grab bag returns with three vignettes from the wacky world of communications.   Financial Times Rejects Business Storytelling The job description for columnists always includes the verb, provoke. In this regard, I suppose the column by FT’s Lucy Kellaway, “Stories Are Best for the Bible and In Novels” works. After all, I’m taking the …more

Branding with the F Bomb, Contrast for Storytelling and the Future of Links

I continued to collect potential vignettes for the grab bag during my “assignment” in the South of the France. In fact, one of today’s vignettes takes a look at the use of English in France. Here goes … English in France If there’s one country that rejects all things American, it’s France. Yet, you can …more