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How PR enhances power of the Tech Press

By David Frost, CEO, PR Deadlines, Sydney, Australia As an executive journalist on the Fin Review two decades or so ago, too much of my time was spent trashing PR handouts. Eventually head-hunted by a PR agency that wanted someone who could actually write, it took me a while to reach an equilibrium. Balancing the needs …more

Building the Habit of Business Storytelling

Many business professionals today accept storytelling as an effective means for communicating … in theory. Whether they actually embrace the act is a different story (retaining my reputation for bad puns). Of course, many books promise to recast you with Ira Glass’s gift for narrative and Jimmy Kimmel’s wit. I wrote about one such a …more

Goodness in Stories of Conflict

As a storyteller, I often combine sad stories with one another. Mostly with a positive outcome, but often I use stories without a happy ending. Stories where listeners really have to think about what they just learned. Stories where there is no gold at the end of the rainbow. It’s amazing when such stories evoke …more

The Anecdote to the Rat Race

After publishing my book “On storytelling, leadership and the power of connection,” I started the project What encouraged me to do this was an incident at my book’s publication event. An economic weekly magazine offered two key leaders from the Belgian economic community to speak at the affair, but they were ultimately offered nothing …more

Common Ground Between Storytelling and Leaders Who Inspire

I can’t pinpoint exactly when I met Raf Stevens. He’s part of what I refer to as the “storytelling posse” on Twitter, those evangelizing business storytelling 140 characters at a time. Not one to limit his narratives, Raf recently published his second book “Leadership, Storytelling and the Power of Connection” which explores the role of …more

Lessons from Cannes on Communicating Ideas

I wrote a post in April mentioning that one of our young account professionals, Melissa Lewelling, was headed to the prestigious Cannes Film Festival. Out of literally thousands of films, her film, called “More Than a Number,” was one of 30 films selected by Campus Movie Fest to be shown in the Short Film Corner. …more

Blending PR and Digital to Explore Visual Storytelling

Our campaigns increasingly pay homage to search and online presence. Regardless of the organization, the target audience at some point conducts due diligence online. Which means bringing digital skills to the table in building a client’s online profile. I recently shared a case study from our China team in which WeChat anchored a campaign. And …more

Talking Business With The Science Crowd

Writing alone does not guarantee terrific storytelling. You need to able to dig out that contrarian twist, anecdote or perhaps even failure that sets the stage for later success. Which brings us to the interview. Tom McHale, our director of client services based in Beijing, tackles this very subject — emphasizing scientific sources — drawing …more