Life Is Stranger Than ...


Or as we affectionately call it, LISTF (think list with a lisp).

Here are some posts deserving of the moniker:

1. Granddaughter Brings an Edge to Her Hallmark Card Writing (and birthday wishes)

2. Now This Takes “Less Is More” to a New Level in News Release Writing

3. Post-Thanksgiving Humor in the Form of a Word Visual

4. Irish Fans Bring Contrarian Storytelling to the Euro Cup

5. Media Squeeze — and Watermelon Explosion — Described by the NY Times Presents an Opportunity for PR

6. Business Insider is OK with Flawed Dot-connecting in the Name of Click Bait

7. Here We Go Again. The Downfall of Journalism Traces to the Rise of PR

8. The 12 Weirdest “National Days” Reveal Potential PR Strategy

9. What Happens to Journalism When It’s All About the “Bass”

10. Levity is the Killer App for Business Storytelling

11. The Periodic PR Agency Plea, “Help Me Help You”

12. How’s the Storytelling in the Facebook Page from North Korea’s Airline, Air Koryo?

13. Where’s the PR Guy When You Need Him?

14. Here’s a Company That Says “The Hell with Branding” … And It Works

15. How to Interview a Dead Person (and the Potential PR Implications)

16. Sometimes a “Brand” Doesn’t Need a Name

17. Phantom Interview with Groupon CEO Andrew Mason on His Resignation Letter