Archive: February 2009


The “NASCAR Story” Always Attracts Attention

No, I’m not talking about Matt Kenseth winning the Daytona 500. Instead, consider what brings the vast majority of folks to the racetrack. It’s the possibility to witness a high-speed wreck. I’ve come to┬ácall the type of story that offers up the possibility of a wreck – defining “wreck” as an element of the story …more

Hard to Beat the Classic Immigrant-Makes-Good Story

The San Jose Mercury News ran the feel-good story “From Strawberries to Startup” on the front page above the fold. No doubt, the Merc’s editorial decision-makers – and for that matter publication bosses from around the country – figure the onslaught of negative news starts to numb the readership. Check out the Merc‘s front-page headlines …more