Archive: October 2009


Iron Reporter: Wall Street Journal Versus NY Times On A Russian Train

Siemens recently took its new high-speed train for a spin with reporters on board. The story provides the perfect fodder to resurrect “Iron Reporter,” the forum in which we contrast how two reporters tell the same story. Today’s challenge pits Andrew E. Kramer from The New York Times (“Siemens Fills Need for High-Speed Trains in …more

Grading Out President Obama’s Image Management

Politics aside, one would have to grade out President Obama’s image management as a solid A (assuming he turned in all of his homework assignments). Given he inherited an economy teetering on the brink, he’s followed the first rule in any crisis; i.e., consistently communicate the story which, in turn, minimizes any voids. And don’t …more

A Modern Pipeline Story Comes to Life in The Wall Street Journal

The Wall Street Journal nails the story “Huge Pipeline Delivers Bonanza to Towns on Route.” What makes it compelling? Let’s start with timing. After slaving on this 1,679-mile wonder, the last leg is now being laid and welded. The end is literally in sight. With a helping hand from REX’s PR department, Journal writer Ann …more