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A Baseball Story That Wouldn’t Play in the U.S.

  As best I can surmise from passport stamps, I made my 48th trip to Asia last week. It never gets old. Every trip – this one with stops in Tokyo and Beijing – brings a unique adventure, knowledge and inevitably a touch of weirdness that defies Western sensibilities. I think most people are familiar with …more

A Droplet of Irony: When Photos Replace Words to Tell a Powerful Story

We published the first guest post on this forum a couple of weeks ago from Michael Margolis. No. 2 comes from one of the Agency’s account folks, Julia Sinykin, who looks at stories in the context of water. And we’ll continue to strive to periodically shake up the status quo. The word “irony” comes to …more

Storytelling in Warren Buffet Shareholder Letter

Back in 2008 I wrote it’s not enough that Warren Buffet has become one of the richest men in the world. He’s also a world-class storyteller. (If it makes you feel any better, at least he’s not handsome.) Nowhere does this gift go on public display more than in his annual letter to shareholders. It’s …more

The Business Case for Storytelling By Michael Margolis

Michael Margolis originally penned this post for his online property called Get Storied. It offers a practical framework for applying storytelling techniques in the world of business. He also knows how to turn a phrase: “So while you might be convinced that you’re the Cat’s Meow, if others don’t believe that same story, there’s going …more

Reverse-engineering UPS Story on Training

  Any company would prize 20 column inches plus a photo on the front of The Journal’s Marketplace section. That’s exactly what UPS enjoyed in the article titled “UPS Thinks Outside the Box on Driver Training.” The piece makes for a good mini case study on the type of storytelling that plays in the business media. Note …more

Deviating from Storytelling Fodder

Literally thousands of PR blogs dot – some might say clog – the social media landscape. When I started Ishmael’s Corner in 2008, I concluded the last thing the world needed was another digital pulpit spewing about embargoes, e-mail blasts to reporters, and the like. Instead, this blog has strived to address storytelling in business …more