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Mining SlideShare Zeitgeist For Storytelling Insights

I continue to be surprised that more companies don’t include SlideShare as part of their “owned media” strategy. It’s an ideal storytelling medium, can cultivate the company’s personality, and establishes a digital touch point with viral potential. SlideShare recently aggregated analytics from its platform to formulate what it calls the Zeitgeist deck. SlideShare Zeitgeist 2010 . While …more

The Role of Communications in Succession Planning

Updated post on succession planning to reflect the news that Apple’s Board accepted the resignation of Steve Jobs. A Fortune story back in 2008 was really the first major sign that Tim Cook was the frontrunner for the role. And that’s the way it played out.

Roger Goodell’s Letter to Fans Draws Penalty Flag

I didn’t get a Christmas card from Roger Goodell, the NFL commish. It turns out his Monday open letter to NFL fans on the labor strife missed me as well. Fortunately, the letter was posted on Like John Madden explaining a fullback plunge over guard, I’m going to break down the storytelling in Roger’s …more

What Does 2011 Hold For My Blog?

I’ve been thinking about this blog. Not “what is the meaning of life” type of thinking but what’s worked in the past, what hasn’t worked and how can I improve the product. As a result, I’ve spiraled into a few conclusions that I’m going to apply this year. First, let’s take a look at what’s not working. …more