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Words Can Shred: One Storyteller To Another

It’s tough to beat The New Yorker when it comes to storytelling. Starting with Malcolm Gladwell, the writers who grace these pages aren’t just good. They’re gifted. That’s what I was thinking as I tucked into the essay “Can Science Explain Why We Tell Stories” by Adam Gopnik. What could be better than the combination …more

Typography Translates Ira Glass Take Into Killer Video

I came across a video by David Shiyang Liu that plays off an Ira Glass riff on the creative process. David, who is a filmmaker and director at the Melbourne studio Kick Kick Punch (no Kaboom), married typography with Glass’s verbal narrative to produce the video below. Sure, Ira Glass’s voice by itself gives power …more

Top Ten Reasons Why Companies Fail At International PR

We expanded overseas and planted our flag in Singapore in 1996. Today, with nine offices across Europe, Asia and the U.S., we’ve literally worked with hundreds of executives on the international PR front. Taking from these experiences – and borrowing from David Letterman – we’ve packaged our top-ten list on why companies fail at international …more

Aussie PR Partner Celebrates 25 Years In The Storytelling Business

We first connected with David Frost, founder of Australian PR agency PRDeadlines, back in 2001. He flew into Hong Kong as part of our team, presenting a regional brief to Juniper Networks. We’ve been working with David and his team ever since. Given his firm’s milestone, I thought it was high time to pepper Mr. …more

The News Release: Friend, Foe or Link Builder

I espoused the virtues of the humble news release as a link-building tool to Mashable some time ago and continue to believe in this tactic. We apply this thinking in cultivating our own brand. For example, we distributed a news release on our new U.S. general manager last week that generated syndicated pickup in a …more

Field Of Blogging Dreams, Fast Company On Storytelling, And Belly Fat

I find these grab-bag posts work as a way to share information and thoughts that individually aren’t rich enough to justify a standalone post. Three quick vignettes: Corporate Blogging: Not a Field of Dreams Between our corporate blogging workshops and consulting on the topic, we find this visual makes a good springboard into discussions. USA …more

Three Easy Ways To Bring Out The Humanity Of A Brand

It doesn’t matter whether you sell mobile phones or tractors, customers want to feel there’s a real human being on the other side of the transaction. That’s why Intel, a semiconductor company, posted on tattoos. Even Dick Costolo, the CEO of Twitter, has espoused on the topic: It’s fun to be the customer of a …more