Archive: October 2012


The Blurring Line Between Third-party Media and Owned Media

A few months ago I discussed how third-party media (earned) and owned media overlap in the Forbes online property. In short, here’s how the proposition works. Forbes gains inexpensive – or to be more precise, free – content to attract more clicks. In exchange, companies enjoy the Forbes halo and still control the storytelling. To …more

Nothing Says Storytelling Techniques Like An Anecdote

I am an unabashed fan of the anecdote. Not in the sense that when one shows up on the Ed Sullivan show I’m moved to shriek. There’s an intellectual argument for using anecdotes – namely journalists want them. Sam Whitmore – if you’re in the communications business and don’t subscribe to SWMS, you’re missing a …more

How UK Wired Sifted Through 250+ Pitches for Storytelling Gold

The Wired franchise has a gift for finding the fresh narrative in complexity. Even under Condé Nast with a nod toward mainstream, the property remains true to the Alpha Geek. When the UK Wired sent out the following ProfNet, I assumed they would get crushed with pitches. I am editing a special edition of Wired, …more