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Does Your U.S. PR Plan for 2014 Need a China Strategy?

With business publications ranging from Fortune to The Economist devoting seemingly endless cover features to China, companies have gotten the memo that it behooves them to establish a China strategy. But what about communications? Is there a China spoke in your 2014 PR plan? I conducted a storytelling workshop for a Fortune 1000 company last …more

What Really Happened Before the NRA’s Press Conference on December 21

It seems every PR person in America has weighed in on the NRA’s press conference last month. No need to rehash this ground with another “What the NRA should have done is …” Instead, I’ve extrapolated from information in the public domain and pieced together how I think the dialogue went down between the NRA’s …more

Amazon’s Content Marketing, Old Scientists and Native Advertising Fail

The grab-bag post returns in 2013, offering a platform for three vignettes. Crafted for easy consumption, here goes – Amazon Continues to Embrace Content Marketing Religion There’s much to be learned from the heavyweight media companies. Like a poker player with most of the chips, they’ve got the war chest to push the boundaries of …more