Archive: March 2013


Amazon Recognizes the Journey in Building Its Brand

We’ve devoted a fair amount of real estate to branding and the big companies who trip over their brand narratives in spite of massive resources. Hello United. Money doesn’t guarantee brand utopia. But what about the companies who get it right? Inevitably, they understand there’s a journey to building a great brand. Amazon offers a …more

Phantom Interview with Groupon CEO Andrew Mason on His Resignation Letter

Andrew Mason’s resignation letter last week reflected the best of storytelling in business communications. With this in mind, I tried to track down Mr. Mason to take us behind the curtain in how the letter came about. Unfortunately, he proved elusive. If Mason had agreed to an interview, I suspect the exchange would have gone …more

Groupon CEO Gets Business #Storytelling

It doesn’t matter whether you’re an athlete, singer or executive, the true test of your mettle comes from failure.   That’s why I was impressed with Andrew Mason’s farewell note to the Groupon troops.   Say what you will about Mr Mason’s performance as a CEO – and every journalist and his brother has – …more