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The Best Storytelling Posts from the First Half of 2015 (Part II)

It’s always fun raking through the posts at the mid-year point. Monday’s post included half of the list capturing my top posts from this year, including Alex Rodriguez showing his sensitive side (not a pretty picture). Here’s the rest of the list.  6 Reverse Engineering the Storytelling in a New York Times Feature In short, PR …more

The Best Storytelling Posts from the First Half of 2015

Finally, I don’t have to evangelize the value of storytelling from a tattered pulpit. This is the first post curating the best content since the new blog design went live. I still marvel that the microphone works. Here’s my take on the best posts from the first of half of 2015. To Borrow from a …more

Google Job Description: Doodle This

I expected more from the Google job description in its search for the next Doodler. Job descriptions can serve as a litmus test on whether a company gets business storytelling. In other words, are functions other than communications like HR using language to give those on the outside a sense of the company culture and …more

Shaping a Blog Design for Thought Leadership

Back in 2012 I posted plans to evolve the blog which included: And I recognize the “look and feel” of the blog desperately needs help, another action on the 2012 to-do list. Didn’t happen. This exchange with Marsha Collier surfaced in 2013: I’ve had friends tell me that once I bulldoze the wretched “look and feel” …more

Visualizing Contrast, Medium as a Social Platform and Eroding Attention Spans

The grab bag returns with three random tidbits that squeeze under the communications umbrella. Here goes. Contrast as a Storytelling Technique Of all the storytelling techniques that lift business communications, contrast is one of the easiest to implement. Old Way vs. New Way With vs. Without LeBron vs. Steph (for the NBA fans) And the …more

Lessons from Cannes on Communicating Ideas

I wrote a post in April mentioning that one of our young account professionals, Melissa Lewelling, was headed to the prestigious Cannes Film Festival. Out of literally thousands of films, her film, called “More Than a Number,” was one of 30 films selected by Campus Movie Fest to be shown in the Short Film Corner. …more