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The Best Storytelling and Communication Posts of 2017 (Part II)

The countdown continues. On Monday, I published the first half of the best posts of 2017. The rest of the list follows.     6. Trump’s Job Description for Press Secretary: Make Communications Great Again Given President Trump’s penchant for throwing Sean Spicer under the bus during his tenure as press secretary, I took the …more

The Best Storytelling and Communication Posts of 2017 (Part I)

It’s that time of year again when I try to ration the Bud’s eggnog in miniscule allotments and curate the best of the posts published in 2017. Subjective factors — fresh or contrarian point of view, word play, amusement quotient, etc. — not popularity (visits), define “the best.” On a related topic, I’m pleased to …more

Journalist Grills Me on Indonesia, the PR industry and Fun

After the press event to launch our office in Jakarta last month, a journalist from one of the local publications interviewed me. Here’s an excerpt from that interview.     Q What is interesting about the Indonesia market that makes Hoffman want to open a branch in Indonesia? A As one of the smaller global …more

A Librarian’s Sensibilities on Evaluating Online Content

I wrote a post a few weeks ago about how even smart people often fail at discerning poor quality information from the good stuff. It turns out that my cousin, Todd Quinn, a business and economics librarian at the University of New Mexico, deals with this issue every day and even teaches classes to help …more

Top 10 Communications and Storytelling Posts of All Time

After eight years and 893 posts, I figure there’s enough data to highlight the most viewed posts of all time with a straight face. It’s fitting that half of the posts from the top 10 do not fall squarely under the storytelling umbrella. While storytelling in business communications serves as the basis of the blog, …more