Archive: March 2021


How the NRA Views Public Relations. Let’s Listen in.

What is wrong with this country? What sensible human being thinks it’s OK to put what’s essentially a machine gun in the hands of private citizens? The tragedies keep coming with the latest mass shootings in Boulder and Atlanta leaving 18 dead. Here’s the problem. These events serve as a form of smelling salts, helping …more

Dear College Grad: Don’t Follow the Resume 101 Handbook

Even though COVID-19 has swung a wrecking ball through higher education (like much of society), universities have continued marching on. In a few weeks, the Spring class of 2021 will be tossing their virtual caps in the air. The days of cramming all night for a final have come to an end. Once the effect …more

PR Undervalues Interviewing Skills to Dig Out Storytelling Gold

Public relations as an industry undervalues interviewing skills. You can find training session after training session on how to pitch a journalist and to not follow up with a “did you get my email?” Same goes for writing. Show, don’t tell. Stay away from chest-thumping adjectives like “revolutionary” and “breakthrough.” Yet, most mass communications curricula …more