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Branding with the F Bomb, Contrast for Storytelling and the Future of Links

I continued to collect potential vignettes for the grab bag during my “assignment” in the South of the France. In fact, one of today’s vignettes takes a look at the use of English in France. Here goes … English in France If there’s one country that rejects all things American, it’s France. Yet, you can …more

Brand Extensions, Shortcuts by Journalists and Rejection as a PR Strategy

It’s been a couple months since my last Grab Bag post. With over 10 items in the queue, I made some tough choices on the three vignettes that made the cut. Here goes. Extending a Brand Too many companies extend their brands in ways that trade incremental revenue for flinging an incongruent message to their customers. …more

Visualizing Contrast, Medium as a Social Platform and Eroding Attention Spans

The grab bag returns with three random tidbits that squeeze under the communications umbrella. Here goes. Contrast as a Storytelling Technique Of all the storytelling techniques that lift business communications, contrast is one of the easiest to implement. Old Way vs. New Way With vs. Without LeBron vs. Steph (for the NBA fans) And the …more

Visual Storytelling, Online Radio and SEO Media Covers Storytelling

The grab bag post is back. Here goes. Visual Storytelling from VentureBeat VentureBeat publishes stories every day on the latest startups to secure venture funding. As you might imagine, the visuals that usually accompany these stories might  be called uninspiring (to be kind). So I enjoyed the double entendre when VentureBeat channeled Breaking Bad in …more

Social Buttons for Sale, Misguided Measurement and Telling Stories is Hard

The grab bag makes its second appearance this year. Again, these are topics that can’t quite stand on their own, but I found worth highlighting. Social Buttons for Sale? Go to virtually any online media property and you’ll find two social buttons, Twitter and Facebook. The big two dominate the sharing of media stories. But …more

Creativity, Stupid Talking Head (CNBC) Tricks and Achieving Greatness

The grab bag returns. For those new to the neighborhood, these posts consist of three vignettes that caught my attention, but don’t have enough substance for a stand-alone post. Here goes — People Don’t Actually Like Creativity That was the headline in a Slate article taking the position that most people don’t like creativity: “We …more