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SEO Welcomes Storytelling and PR to the “Family.”

I’ve advocated that PR sits in the best position to lead the organic search charge or what I prefer to call “earned search.” As Google continues to squeeze the technical gamesmanship out of SEO, the signals most valued by Google in determining what to serve up for a given search tend to fall within the …more

The Perfect Tool to Ease PR and Other Marketing Types into the World of SEO

Google wants the best content to win. When a person clicks on the Page 1 results from a Google search and finds useful information, that constitutes a win. As shared in previous posts, Google’s increasing emphasis on content over technical gamesmanship is a good thing for communications professionals. Still, there’s more to it than crafting …more

What’s All the Fuss About Semantic Search?

Google wants the best content to win. The more Google serves up content for searches that you find useful, the more likely you keep returning to the search engine. The company’s business model depends on this concept with the high volume of traffic to organic search essentially feeding paid search, the ads that appear above …more

New England Patriots Forget to Run SEO Play for Deflategate Microsite

Showing knowledge that transcends zone blitzes and optimizing the price point of a 12-ounce domestic beer, the New England Patriots jumped into the content marketing game last week. New England created a microsite to defend Tom Brady’s honor and the integrity of the franchise after the Wells Report reignited Deflategate. For the 27 Americans out …more

The Google Algorithm is About to Crush Your Content … Starting Tomorrow

Before jumping into the sense of urgency part, let’s frame the issue. Mobile devices are taking over the world. In terms of raw numbers, mobile users surpassed the desktop users last year. Yet, this only tells part of the story. For PR and other communication functions, the core question comes down to behavior. Are consumers …more

Time for PR to Rally Behind “Earned Search”

I spoke on “PR and SEO. No Longer a Match Made in Hell” at the Holmes Innovation Summit last week. In the course of preparing for the talk, I had a Mt. Sinai moment. Imagine the advertising world foisting the term “organic media” on the PR industry to replace “earned media.” We would have a …more

PR and SEO. No Longer a Match Made in Hell.

This headline served as the title for my talk at the Holmes Innovation Summit on Tuesday. The pulpit gave me an opportunity to evangelize one of my favorite causes, the opportunity for PR to jump into the SEO game. Stepping back for a minute, the genius of Google’s advertising model for search lies in allowing …more

It’s Not an SEO’s Job to Create Content

Search Engine Watch blasted out this headline and accompanying post last week. It’s yet another piece of evidence for why we’re (and public relations) in a better position than SEO consultancies to implement organic search campaigns. As discussed before, the SEO consulting industry sprung out of Google’s license to print money which goes by the …more

Why PR Should Lead the Charge for Organic Search

I wrote a post in June stating that PR’s digital opportunity would come at the expense of SEO consultancies. Here’s the core rationale — Virtually every buyer around the world conducts some form of online due diligence, often plugging keywords into Google. As search engines increasingly favor quality of content — not technical acuity — …more