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PR and SEO. No Longer a Match Made in Hell.

This headline served as the title for my talk at the Holmes Innovation Summit on Tuesday. The pulpit gave me an opportunity to evangelize one of my favorite causes, the opportunity for PR to jump into the SEO game. Stepping back for a minute, the genius of Google’s advertising model for search lies in allowing …more

It’s Not an SEO’s Job to Create Content

Search Engine Watch blasted out this headline and accompanying post last week. It’s yet another piece of evidence for why we’re (and public relations) in a better position than SEO consultancies to implement organic search campaigns. As discussed before, the SEO consulting industry sprung out of Google’s license to print money which goes by the …more

Why PR Should Lead the Charge for Organic Search

I wrote a post in June stating that PR’s digital opportunity would come at the expense of SEO consultancies. Here’s the core rationale — Virtually every buyer around the world conducts some form of online due diligence, often plugging keywords into Google. As search engines increasingly favor quality of content — not technical acuity — …more

Revisiting the News Release: Friend, Foe or Link Builder

This not-so-little recent tweak to Google’s treatment of link schemes certainly caught the attention of the PR industry: “Creating links that weren’t editorially placed or vouched for by the site’s owner on a page, otherwise known as unnatural links, can be considered a violation of our guidelines.” Google goes on to call out “links with …more

“Natural Link Building” for #SEO (Part II)

Everyone wants stronger #SEO and more qualified traffic coming to their digital properties. Everyone agrees that backlinks play a huge role in achieving this objective. But generating those backlinks can open the door to the murky world of link bazaars. That’s why I shared a case study on natural link building earlier this week, bringing …more

Some Definition Behind “Natural Link Building” for #SEO

For those who don’t live, eat and inhale #SEO, the terminology can be perplexing. Like the emphasis on natural or organic link building. It’s easy enough to understand that you shouldn’t buy a bunch of links from a guy named Borislav with a site in Bulgaria. The price point, 100 links for $9.99, also tips …more

Intersection of SEO and Storytelling; Interview with Evan Bailyn

Anyone who writes a book called “Outsmarting Google” has my attention. Combine this technical expertise with a gift for storytelling and we move to a Q&A. Meet Evan Bailyn, founder of First Page Sage. I thought this passage on Evan from a Forbes feature was particularly revealing: All I do is I’m able to get …more