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Six Narratives That Make up My Leave-behind Pack for Storytelling Workshops

One of the best parts of my job involves conducting storytelling workshops. It’s both fun and satisfying to help participants connect the dots to a simple premise: Given a choice between “interesting” and “dull,” human beings pick “interesting” virtually every time. I’m constantly refining the package shared with participants in our workshops for business storytelling. …more

My Go-to Leave-behind Package for Storytelling Workshops

I love sharing the storytelling gospel through our workshops. It’s both fun and satisfying to see the dots connect in how storytelling techniques can be applied to any type of communications coming from an organization. When I say “any,” I mean communications ranging from job descriptions to Twitter to PR to the reply triggered from …more

Tag-teaming With Pete Lewis On Storytelling Workshop, Part II

Pete Lewis and I have created a storytelling curriculum that reflects both journalism and PR perspectives. As the first the technology editor for the New York Times (personally registered the domain), Pete has some interesting takes on the media landscape and storytelling. I posted the first part of a Q&A with him last week. Here’s the …more

Tag-teaming With Pete Lewis On Storytelling Workshop

I’ve known Pete Lewis for some time, going back to his days laying the groundwork for how The New York Times covers technology. After Pete moved to Fortune to practice long-form journalism – or at least a longer form than The NYT – and later took up teaching at Stanford’s J school, I lost touch. …more

Five Interviewing Techniques for Corporate Storytelling

I’m convinced the craft of interviewing is one of the most undervalued skills in corporate storytelling. Consider PR’s version of what came first, the chicken or the egg. Would you rather enjoy an excellent relationship with a journalist, but be stuck with lame content? Or would you rather have man-bites-dog content, but no relationship with the journalist? I’ll take the …more

The Most Undervalued Skill in Corporate Storytelling

I met with Peter Lewis over a cup of joe yesterday morning to discuss a storytelling workshop that we’ll be tag-teaming on soon. We went through the exercise of comparing notes on the storytelling front. Peter, who now teaches at Stanford’s J school, offered a journalist’s perspective reflecting stints at The New York Times and Fortune. My input shaped from toiling in …more