Archive: December 2008


Apple Dumps Macworld

Apple’s decision to pull out of Macworld is a little like Simon Cowell taking a pass on “American Idol.” Sure, the show will go on, but in what form? Naturally, the news caused a stir in the blogosphere, with one of the better posts coming from Philip Elmer-DeWitt at Fortune. Although unlike Elmer-DeWitt, I don’t view Apple’s rationalization …more

The Engima of Business Journalism, The Economist

Cloaked with a veneer of secrecy that leaves readers to wonder “Who the hell wrote that article?” The Economist takes pride in baffling the garden-variety PR person. Its editorial decisions can at times seem quirky for the sake of being quirky. I mean, do we really need 499 words devoted to ornithology and a bio-acoustic monitor that can distinguish …more

When Competing News Helps Your Story

Everyone recognizes the benefit of steering clear of major media events when making an announcement. It’s safe to say that January 20 is not the time to roll out a new line of laptop computers. But there are scenarios when news relevant to your story hitting in roughly the same timeframe works to your advantage. Take the well-crafted story …more

MIT Takes on Quantum Physics, RFID … and Storytelling

The brainiacs behind electronic paper, the $99 computer and making money at blackjack have decided to take on new terrain: Storytelling. The MIT Media Laboratory recently created what they’re calling the Center for Future Storytelling. Demonstrating the science behind the power of storytelling can only advance the cause, even if it’s from a technical bent: By applying leading-edge technologies to make …more