Archive: July 2009


Revisiting the All-important Anecdote

The latest issue of BusinessWeek ran a piece called “The Leaner Baby Boomer Economy” In short, the story looks at how major brands like Starwood Hotels and Mercedes are responding to baby boomers cutting back on their discretionary spending. Like all compelling storytelling, the writer David Welch makes good use of anecdotes. For example, he …more

An NPR Perspective on Storytelling

I stumbled across a compelling three-and-a-half-minute video¬†with NPR’s Scott Simon sharing his perspective on how to tell a story (video below). It’s captivating, as reflected in the 43,000+ views. Before going further, let’s acknowledge that Scott Simon’s voice by itself is captivating. He could explain a recipe for nouveau meatloaf and I’d listen. Plus, anyone …more

It’s Been 21 Years, But Who’s Counting?

OK,¬†let’s start with the confession. It’s been a number of weeks since I last blogged and this post doesn’t exactly fall under the “art of storytelling” umbrella. But my reflections on hitting our 21-year anniversary strive to tell a story, so here goes: Nothing like a milestone number to prompt a walk down memory lane. …more