An NPR Perspective on ...


I stumbled across a compelling three-and-a-half-minute video¬†with NPR’s Scott Simon sharing his perspective on how to tell a story (video below).

It’s captivating, as reflected in the 43,000+ views.

Before going further, let’s acknowledge that Scott Simon’s voice by itself is captivating. He could explain a recipe for nouveau meatloaf and I’d listen. Plus, anyone who writes about baseball and Jackie Robinson gets a good-egg vote.

With that said, I like what he had to say about storytelling:

  • A story should make a point, which is different from a lesson, moral or punch line.
  • The beginning should be crisp.
  • Give people vivid detail. This is what enables others to repeat the story.
  • Maintain a conversational tone.
  • Have fun. Enjoy the sense of discovery that comes from storytelling.

The idea of crafting a story in breathable chunks also makes sense (although I can’t say the metaphor of a swim across the English Channel worked for me).

You can find his storytelling in motion on NPR at “Simon Says.”

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