Archive: August 2009


Revisiting a Storytelling Master, Warren Buffett

I wrote about Warren Buffett’s gift for storytelling last year. If executives would simply take one lesson from Buffett’s communications, be conversational, the world would be a better place (cue the┬áCoke music). In his most recent letter to shareholders (2008), there’s a paragraph that showcases Mr. Buffett at his best. All of us have read …more

Technology Review Goes Behind the Wolfram Alpha Curtain

Technology Review claims to be the oldest technology magazine in the world, going back to 1899. Coming out of MIT, there’s a certain cachet to the publication as it strives to educate us mortals on emerging technologies. Not exactly considered the magazine for hammock reading during a lemonade summer day. And certainly not a magazine …more

The News Embargo: Much Ado About Nothing

No doubt by the time the U.S. wakes up on Wednesday morning the Twitterati will be out in force reacting to PaidContent’s story that the Wall Street Journal is giving up embargoes (apparently the new year’s diets went out the window in February). In short, the Journal won’t accept embargoes for stories, but will take …more