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Speaking of Storytelling

I took the “story” on the road during the month of May. As a closet introvert, I make a conscious effort to push myself beyond cubicleland. Here’s a snapshot of how May played out. UnGeeked Elite in Chicago (May 12) Cd Vann has created the “uncola” of gathering. The speakers are charged with leading a discussion, not pontificating via a slide …more

The Old "Smog-eating Building" Story

There are certain storylines that never go out of style. David slays Goliath. Greed isn’t good. (Sorry, Gordy.) Etc. Variations of these themes serve as springboards to business stories all the time. While I don’t think it’s going to become a classic, Alcoa deserves credit for coining a phrase that demands attention: Smog-eating building One …more

Q&A with Amy Tenderich, The Voice Behind One Of The Top Healthcare Blogs

Taking liberty with lyrics from a Rod Stewart song, “every blogger has a story.” By interviewing brilliant bloggers who don’t have Scoble-like notoriety, I hope to share what’s behind their distinctive voices and followings. I’ve run Q&As with Max Swisher, the 12-year-old who started Good Morning Geek, and Millie Garfield, who’s still going strong at …more

Too Many Superlatives In Intel’s News Release On 3-D Transistor

I’ve praised Intel’s communications efforts on this forum. Whether it’s humanizing the company through thought-leadership campaigns that transcend technology or the approach to Intel Free Press, the company does many things right on the comms front. That’s why the news release behind the company’s latest invention, a 3-D transistor, surprised me. It’s very un-Intel like. Filled …more

More to the Facebook PR Campaign Against Google Story

Given the journalistic hoopla triggered by Facebook’s PR campaign against Google, one would think national security is at stake. The Wall Street Journal ran the story on the B section cover above the fold with the headline: “Facebook Hired Firm to Target Google” Really? This constitutes a surprise worthy of 30-point type? Here’s a “news …more

In Case You Missed "Social Media Meets Coporate Storytelling"

Steve Farnsworth and I tag-teamed on discussing social media and storytelling at an IABC lunch last month. Thanks go to Meta Mehling for putting together the talk. It would be presumptuous of me to say a good time was had by all. But I can say both Steve and I enjoyed what proved to be a very interactive …more

Lunch Session With EE Times’ Junko Yoshida

Last week’s Lunch Bucket featured EE Times EIC Junko Yoshida. It was a terrific session with Junko sharing insights on the internal workings of the media property, her team, and the tech sector in general. I’ll post a write-up on Junko’s talk on Wednesday. In the meantime, thanks to the photography from Carlos Mangandy, here’s …more