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Journalists Accept Apple’s “Storytelling Candy”

Apple’s CEO Tim Cook trekked to China in late March to show the world that Apple cares. After the damning New York Times report, “In China, Human Costs Are Built Into An iPad,” Apple wanted to specifically connect with what goes on behind the curtain in the making of its products. I noticed that photos …more

USA Today Ombudsman To The Rescue In Corporate Blogging Story

USA Today published a story on corporate blogging last week. The journalist asked us for input. One of our comments made the actual article. So far, so good. It’s not every day a communications consultancy makes the USA Today Money section (albeit below the fold). We’re doing more work in the area of corporate blogging …more

Applying Storytelling Techniques To An Enterprise Computing Case Study (Video)

Customer case studies that examine the deployment of technology tend to be dull. Most follow a formula: Here’s the problem It was a horrible Fortunately, ACME Technology came to the rescue Snapshot of the product(s) from ACME It was easy to install Here’s how we did it Quantify the benefits We’re thrilled Not exactly scintillating …more

Volume Production Of Magic Quadrants, Weibo And Psychoanalyzing Words

Here’s another “grab bag” with a smattering of observations, updates and snarky remarks. Psychoanalyzing The New York Times Twitter Description It seems logical to assume publications pay attention to the words in their own outbound communications. If that’s the case, does the NYT Twitter description reflect a greater emphasis on engaging readers than The Wall …more

Revisiting SEO And The Toyota PR Crisis

We believe today’s public relations programs must reflect a basic understanding of search engine optimization. The connections between content, online presence and organic search traffic are too strong to ignore. We were reminded of this dynamic during a check-in on one of our SEO experiments from over two years ago. When the Toyota recall and …more

New York Times Story On Journalism In China Is Much Ado About Nothing

China has so quickly moved up the economic food chain, it’s easy to forget this is a country still under communist rule. As Dorothy put it in The Wizard of Oz: “Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore.” No, we’re not. Which brings me to the story in The New York Times last …more

Top Five Reasons To Work With Startups On The PR Front

There’s no getting around that, to some extent, every startup makes it up as it goes along. It’s a high wire act. Inevitably, reality doesn’t match up with the theory, which in turn causes changes or even chaos. Yes, this dynamic can also wreak havoc with the budget. But there are many benefits from supporting …more

Truth In Storytelling

We periodically delve into the murky world of investigative reporting. If you recall — and I suspect you don’t — it was this property that broke the story that The Wall Street Journal failed to dig into the background of Tim Bray who had a history of dissing Apple before joining Google. It is in …more