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Customer case studies that examine the deployment of technology tend to be dull.

Most follow a formula:

  1. Here’s the problem
  2. It was a horrible
  3. Fortunately, ACME Technology came to the rescue
  4. Snapshot of the product(s) from ACME
  5. It was easy to install
  6. Here’s how we did it
  7. Quantify the benefits
  8. We’re thrilled

Not exactly scintillating storytelling because the formula jackhammers the intellectual side of the brain.

That’s why this NetApp customer case study caught my attention.

The video appeals to the right side of the brain while still maintaining an undercurrent of intelligence.

Reverse-engineering the story, we can identify the components that collectively make this a good watch:

  • The story is about Suncorp’s transformation, not computer storage. Look at these words that appear at the start, “The IT department that became a launchpad.” There’s an emotional dimension to this kickoff as opposed to highlighting “IT driving change management.”

video case study

  • The spotlight stays on Suncorp. Netapp gets mentioned for five seconds in the early going – We look to Netapp to help materially change how we do work – and the sign-off. That’s it.
  • Fresh camera angles advance the story at an energetic pace.
  • The visual storytelling stands out, using the technique of overlaying simple illustrations on top of the real.
  • On the audio side, simply bringing two voices from Suncorp into the picture appeals to the viewer’s senses.
  • The close talks about creating an “enabling environment for people to get inspired to do things they hadn’t thought they could do.” You don’t associate IT professionals with flying kites.

netapp customer case study

  • Last, they recognize less is more with the video coming in at 101 seconds.

Even in a B2B play, the buyers and decision-makers are still people with emotions.

This video does a brilliant job of playing to this dynamic.

I appreciate Mischa Hedges at TrimTab Media highlighting the video to me. It was done by his partner, Iliani Matisse at her previous agency, Eleven.

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