Archive: June 2012


Even Quality Media Properties Periodically Lower Standards In Quest For Content

Let me begin by saying I’m a fan of VentureBeat and what Matt Marshall has created since exiting the San Jose Mercury News. By hiring proven journalists, the property churns out a quality product. While there are numerous ways to measure quality, the fact that the publication consistently ranks high on the Techmeme Leaderboard is …more

The Public Relations Profession Today, Tomorrow And Predictions From 1999

Paul Holmes recently wrote a terrific essay, “What Is A Public Relations Consultancy?” His overarching theme is the profession has allowed itself to be defined by media relations, which constitutes just one component of PR. Instead, PR should be defined as a social science and all that this encompasses. The intersection of PR, social media …more

Visual Storytelling Makes Sense Of Complexity

Most manufacturing processes do not make for a good story, whether they involve sausages, semiconductors or steel beams. The steps are either gross or way too complex. That’s why I’m impressed with Erik Rhey’s visual storytelling in Fortune and his piece, “Bottles to Bridges.” Understanding the transformation of recycled plastic bottles into the equivalent of …more