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Storytelling from Startups That Resonates in Europe

Luica Mak who spearheads our European operation, is one of the most connected people I know when it comes to the UK media. In this guest post, she asks veteran journalist Nick Booth three questions that probe how new ventures can attract media attention in the UK. I think it’s fair to say his input …more

Translating a Literary Classic Into Twitter-ese

Many people believe that with the advent of email, the quality of writing started to decline. The same people see social media only exacerbating the situation (no LOL from me). I’m not here to debate the issue. Instead, let’s turn the tables and see if today’s language can put a fresh spin on writing. I’ve …more

Chinese Government May Block Twitter, But 140-bit Storytelling Goes On

The China Daily gets Twitter. Just not in China. With more than 100,000 followers, the paper has leveraged Twitter in the United States as another distribution channel for its stories. I say distribution channel because it’s all one-way communication with zero engagement. Click on any link and you’re ushered to the publication’s English website. It …more

Can the Humble Job Description Make a Difference

So many companies tout people as their most valuable asset. Logically, this would make the recruitment of people one of their most important undertakings. Yet, companies typically pay scant attention to the writing of a job description. I posted on the value of applying storytelling techniques to job descriptions some time ago. Moving from the …more

Flippin’ Pancakes

Taking a break from dissecting storytelling techniques, here’s a look behind the curtain at the Agency. Our annual pancake breakfast in our Silicon Valley office took place yesterday. As part of this tradition, the senior team cooked breakfast for the staff. I think it’s fair to say that a good time was had by all. …more

Will Facebook Follow in Apple’s PR Footsteps?

Contrary to a recent ReadWriteWeb story, it’s way too early judge Facebook’s PR philosophy in its post-IPO era. We need some time to see if Facebook will take a page from Apple’s PR playbook. But it’s going to be tough to mimic Apple if for no other reason than the fact that Apple is a …more Straddles Earned Media and Owned Media From a PR Perspective

Poynter recently went behind the curtain. Two years ago, was a news website like most others. Today, it is less website, more operating system – an underlying layer of technology that hundreds of contributors use to publish independently. The business of journalism has been hurting (to say the least), so there’s plenty of …more

Visual Storytelling, Cold War on Twitter, and IPOs Get Mojo Back … Not

Some pieces of information aren’t rich enough to justify a stand-alone post. Hence, a smattering of commentary from the grab bag – Visuals as a Storytelling Technique Testing products doesn’t exactly make for scintillating storytelling. That’s why I was impressed with the one-off narrative from a company called Animoca. The fragmentation of the Android platform …more