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The “Catch 22” of Native Advertising

Native advertising is all the rage in the publishing world. I read a statistic last week that most publications are at least experimenting with the concept. For those of you not familiar with native advertising, it refers to a publication serving up paid stories and editorial content the same way. You’ll hear this technique also …more

The Big Gulp: Publicis and Omnicom Join Hands

The past weekend brought us M&A fireworks as Publicis and Omnicom tied the knot creating the largest marketing services company known to mankind. First, the clever part – In what might be an industry first, a Vine video showed the respective chiefs signing on the dotted line. I guess two tokes on a peace pipe …more

Seven Tips for Finding Killer Twitter Content

Gaining followers on Twitter has become a national obsession. Plug [how to get Twitter followers] into Google, and 529,000,000 listings surface. For context, a similar exercise with [how to lose weight] doesn’t even hit half that number. Now, there’s a Huffington Post headline in the making: “More people care about increasing their Twitter followers than …more

Don’t Confuse Real-Time Marketing with Improv Marketing

Many brands jumped into the real-time marketing fray with the Royals’ latest addition to the family on Monday. This effort wasn’t as effective as what took place during the Super Bowl blackout for a reason I’ll get into in a minute. Still, I don’t think the Mashable headline, “Brands, Try, Fail to Capitalize on Royal …more

Option for Huawei in Fighting Latest #PRCrisis: Atomize the Narrative

Huawei’s PR quest to be perceived as “just another telecom equipment maker doing its part to connect the world” took another hit when ex-CIA chief Michael Hayden said Huawei spied for the Chinese government. In an interview with The Australian Financial Review (AFR) published last Friday, Hayden also mentioned that Huawei tried to recruit him …more

Journalist Gets #PR Religion, Contrast and Columbia Journalism Review

The grab bag returns. Three quick takes coming at you. Journalists Showing Off PR Acuity I don’t mean to pick on David Carr, noted chronicler of the world of journalism for The New York Times. I just find it amusing that Mr. Carr assumes his deep knowledge of journalism also makes him an expert in …more

Intern Shows Visual Storytelling Chops

Most communicators have little or no background in visual storytelling. Areas such as graphic design, videography and typography just don’t show up in a typical mass comms college curriculum. While hiring talent from the design side is one way to accelerate expertise in visual storytelling – and we’ve done this – it’s important that all …more

You Don’t Need New Hampshire to Find Your Voice

After Hillary Clinton won the New Hampshire primary back in 2008, she stood at the podium and uttered the words, “I found my own voice.” “Voice” is tricky. It’s always there. Yet, it can be tougher to find than Waldo in bad lighting. And when you do find it, success is not guaranteed. (Just ask …more