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Top Storytelling Posts from H1 2013 (Part II)

Yesterday’s post shared half of the list capturing my top storytelling posts from H1 2013. Today brings the second half. BuzzFeed Meets White House I consider this my top post so far this year. After challenging a USA Today editorial that claimed the White House’s leverage of owned media was wrecking journalism, I thought, “If …more

Best Storytelling Posts from H1 2013 (Part I)

After raking through 75 or so posts, I’ve captured what I consider to be my best storytelling posts (top 10) from the first half of the year. While some got the nod from sheer popularity (number of views), others rated high on my personal amusement scale. Here goes – What Really Happened Before the NRA’s …more

Where’s the Storytelling in Selling a Home?

Every description of a home for sale seems to carry the same language. Stunning views. Pristine landscape. Gorgeous custom home Spacious master suite Lush carpeting Etc. Spin through enough descriptions on the MLS listings and you’ll also see that “Wow!” gets ample play. Apparently, realtors pull from the same “Home Descriptions 101” book. It reminds …more