Archive: May 2014


You Too Can Join Bill Gates, Deepak Chopra and the Like in Publishing on the LinkedIn Platform. Not Exactly.

It’s true that back in November LinkedIn opened up its publishing platform to the proletariat. To this point, only big names and the connected few were designated as  “LinkedIn Influencers” and enjoyed access to the platform. Don’t mistake access to LinkedIn’s publishing platform as being able to join LinkedIn’s Influencer posse that benefit from LinkedIn’s …more

The “Bad Boy” of Visual Storytelling, The Infographic

The world complained of infographic fatigue two years ago. Yet, infographics continue to be a mainstay of visual storytelling. Fresh infographics – when I say “fresh,” I mean a narrative that’s easy on the eyes, entertaining,  and delivers a surprise – still generate attention. When we look across our client blogs, the posts with infographics …more

The Beauty of Words Can Push into Visual Storytelling

It sounds like an oxymoron. Words constitute an element of writing. Visuals deliver the ultimate “short cut” in communications. You never hear someone say, “A word is worth a thousand pictures.” Yet, business communicators can absolutely depend on words to carry a visual. Given that the vast majority of PR professionals hold mass communications or …more

8 Ways to Trigger Retweets No One Talks About

When it comes to advice, generating retweets on Twitter is up there with losing weight and making money. Plug [how to generate retweets] into Google, and you can access around 500,000 pieces of content on this social media topic: Include links Leverage hashtags Tweet at the right time Leave room for retweets Use inspiring quotes …more

Can You Measure Storytelling in Your Media Relations Effort?

I attended the Communicator’s Conference in Portland last week where keynote speaker Jim Olson shared Starbucks’ commitment to storytelling in its communications. When asked how Starbucks measures the impact of storytelling, he explained that it’s still early days. I’d like to answer the question, but before doing so it’s useful to dust off the axiom, …more