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Defining Thought Leadership in a Business Blog

As our communication campaigns increasingly address SEO and particularly organic search, thought leadership becomes even more important. Here’s what I mean and why it’s important to put yourself out there. When it comes to organic search, Google and other search engines place a premium on backlinks. They interpret backlinks as “votes” for the content. Of …more

The Tug of War Between Journalists and the Obama Administration in Defining Transparency

Naturally, journalists want more from the Obama administration. More openness. More access. More information. Given that the journalist’s agenda will always differ from the government’s agenda, it’s inevitable that a contentious dynamic shadows the relationship. This seems healthy to me so I wasn’t surprised to stumble across a recent letter from the Society of Professional …more

What’s the Story with Chinese Companies and Their Global Aspirations?

Yesterday in Beijing that question was at the heart of a roundtable we participated in involving Campaign Asia and the BBC. The very insights that Campaign Asia’s Jason Wincuinas offered on the topic in last week’s Q&A framed a lively discussion. As part of our preparation for the roundtable, we turned to the Forbes Global 2000, sifting …more

Campaign Asia’s Jason Wincuinas on Chinese Brands with Global Aspirations, How They Engage Customers and the Transparency Gotcha

Teaming with the BBC and Campaign Asia, we’re participating in a roundtable in Beijing next Monday (8/18) that takes on the topic of Chinese companies building global brands. Jason Wincuinas, managing editor of Campaign Asia-Pacific will “referee” the session. As a prelude to the big event, we flipped roles with me peppering Jason with questions. Here’s the …more

What a Surprise. Journalist Prefers to Interview Executives Minus PR.

The “How PR can play nice with journalists” post has really become a genre in itself. I still get a kick out of the BusinessInsider classic, “Dear PR Lady: Here’s Why I didn’t Open Any of Your 3 Email Pitches.” The latest missive comes compliments of the Huffington Post, “How to Stop Pissing Off Reporters” …more

Why PR Should Lead the Charge for Organic Search

I wrote a post in June stating that PR’s digital opportunity would come at the expense of SEO consultancies. Here’s the core rationale — Virtually every buyer around the world conducts some form of online due diligence, often plugging keywords into Google. As search engines increasingly favor quality of content — not technical acuity — …more

China Inc. Wants to Build Global Brands. What Stands in the Way?

Teaming with the BBC and Campaign Asia, we’re participating in a roundtable in Beijing on August 18 that takes on the topic of Chinese companies pursuing global brands. Because of our strength in Asia, we’ve had a fair amount of experience over the years in helping Asian companies — including many from China – establish …more

12 Tips on How to Do Your Homework Before the Big Job Interview

After growing roughly 30 percent in 2013 and being on track for 20+ percent growth this year, we’re interviewing job candidates on a weekly basis. I don’t know if this is a Silicon Valley phenomenon — demand outstrips supply causing candidates to get lackadaisical — or if this trend holds across the country, but I’m …more