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Why PR Should Treat Facebook Like a Media Property

Several years ago we interviewed 65 sales people at major computer retailers (Best Buy, Fry’s, etc.) asking the key question, “What third-party sources do you depend on for information to help you in your day-to-day job?” They could answer with as many sources as they liked. This way, we could better target the media properties …more

It’s Not an SEO’s Job to Create Content

Search Engine Watch blasted out this headline and accompanying post last week. It’s yet another piece of evidence for why we’re (and public relations) in a better position than SEO consultancies to implement organic search campaigns. As discussed before, the SEO consulting industry sprung out of Google’s license to print money which goes by the …more

A Special Post to Help PR Agency Professionals Decode 11 Client Phrases

Cryptology, the science of coding and decoding messages, doesn’t appear in the mass communications syllabus at universities. And PR consultancies don’t invest in cryptology equipment like the handy “Lorenz SZ.42 Cipher Machine” pictured above (it’s a beauty). Yet, how PR professionals on the front lines interpret a certain client phrase can make or break an …more

Every Online Interaction with Your Readers Can Be a Brand-building Moment

You may be a company in the bowels of B2B. The content may involve something as mundane as an email signoff or, in the case that I’m about to highlight, subscribing to a blog. Every online touch point offers the chance for storytelling and making an impression that builds your brand. Keep in mind that …more

So Did Those 2014 Predictions for the Communications Industry Come True?

Back in January, I offered 10 quasi-mad predictions on how the communications industry would unfold in 2014. With nine months in the rear-view mirror, it’s time to look at the scoreboard. Prediction 1: The Pope’s Selfie Goes Viral I figured the big event would happen at Easter Mass. It turned out to be with two …more