So Did Those 2014 ...


Back in January, I offered 10 quasi-mad predictions on how the communications industry would unfold in 2014.

With nine months in the rear-view mirror, it’s time to look at the scoreboard.

Prediction 1: The Pope’s Selfie Goes Viral

Pope Selfie 2014 communication industry prediction

I figured the big event would happen at Easter Mass. It turned out to be with two newlyweds during his standard weekly mass.

Pope-Newlyweds Selfie 2014 communication industry prediction

Score: 9 (Except for the timing, I nailed it.)

Prediction 2: NSA Teams with Benjamin Moore for Listening Paint

I expected the covers to come off of  “Operation Knock Knock,” an NSA initiative to embed microscopic audio sensors into latex paint resulting in a PR crisis. Didn’t happen.

Score: 1

Prediction 3: Kanye West Picks on Tesla CEO Elon Musk

After the West beat-down of Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh — “your shoes suck” — I figured he would come after Mr. Musk next. Just the opposite happened with West giving a shout out to Elon at Bonnaroo.

Score: 0 (ouch)

Prediction 4: Warren Buffett Increases Twitter Output by 300 Percent

I forgot the financial axiom that scarcity delivers value. Buffett only tweeted once in 2014.

Warren Buffett Tweet  2014 communication industry prediction

Score: 3 (hey, at least he tweeted once.)

Prediction 5: The Chinese Buy PRSA

PRSA is still an independent body, but Blue Focus, the mega Chinese communications agency, did earmark its war chest for U.S. acquisitions.

Score: 4

Prediction 6: Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher Jump into the Venture Capital Game

I still think this will happen.

Score: 1 (but with potential)

Prediction 7: Twitter’s Decision to Shorten Tweets is Short-lived

Coke-Twitter Can 2014 communication industry prediction

Determined to tap the pulse of the mainstream, Twitter has kept its labbies busy this year. The grapevine has buzzed with the possibility of changing the character count, but so far, no action.

Score: 3

Prediction 8: VentureBeat Creates Community Platform Called “Burnt Toast”

This goes back to a story by VentureBeat’s Jolie O’Dell, on how the San Francisco tech industry propagates $4 toast. VB has expanded its channels to over 20, but “Burnt Toast” isn’t one of them.

Score: 2

Prediction 9: The Bezos-izing of The Washington Post.

Apparently, Amazon’s ill-fated phone consumed Mr. Bezo’s time in 2014.

Score: 1

Prediction 10: 7-Eleven Outbids Starbucks for Product Placement on “The Voice”

I thought it was a natural, Blake enjoying a slurpee and beef jerky when not connecting the fledgling artists: “You’re from Oklahoma. No kidding? I’m from Oklahoma.” Didn’t happen.

Score: 1

It’s not like crazy communications didn’t occur this year.

Consider Roger Goodell’s gaffe in guiding how the NFL deals with domestic violence.

Walmart playing English teacher in marking up a New York Times article like a term paper.

Edelman blogging about the death of Robin Williams as a PR opportunity.

I just didn’t predict them.

Naturally, I’ll take another shot in 2015.





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