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The Best Business Storytelling Posts from 2014 (Part I)

After 600+ posts, I feel that I’ve honed my voice. Of course, that doesn’t mean that every post hits the mark (or even gets horse-shoe close). Still, I’ve strived to apply the same counsel we share with clients: Offer fresh takes that help those in communications. As far as what constitutes the “best,” it’s a …more

This Word Visual Serves Up Thanksgiving Humor

I explored the concept of word visuals earlier this month as the perfect way for PR professionals to bridge into the visual world. For those not familiar with word visuals, one “packages” clever words in a way that brings a visual dimension to communications. What’s key is they emphasize the words with the design element …more

Does Digital Savvy Pay Off in a Silicon Valley Political Election?

Ever since Barak Obama parlayed digital pyrotechnics into a stay in the White House, politicians have embraced the online world with the fervor of a Tuscaloosa preacher. If digital could be a difference-maker in an election, it seems logical to think that Silicon Valley — the place where construction workers use Yelp to find restaurants, …more

What the Heck Is a “Word Visual?”

I’ve explored how non-designers in the communications business can get the visual storytelling religion. While the vast majority of PR folks struggle to bring a visual dimension to communications, there’s a design technique that plays to our strength. What I call “word visuals” come in three flavors: Clever words that stand on their own: The …more

Helping Non-designers Get the Visual Storytelling Religion

Previous posts have discussed the challenge for PR folks to embrace visual storytelling in communications. Coming from the world of words (WOW), we’re typically not schooled in design and the creation of visuals . But as PR increasingly manages owned media properties like blogs, we should be taking a page — taking a visual doesn’t …more

Creativity, Stupid Talking Head (CNBC) Tricks and Achieving Greatness

The grab bag returns. For those new to the neighborhood, these posts consist of three vignettes that caught my attention, but don’t have enough substance for a stand-alone post. Here goes — People Don’t Actually Like Creativity That was the headline in a Slate article taking the position that most people don’t like creativity: “We …more

McDonald’s Serves Up Failure and Fries in Business Storytelling

Every PR agency and internal PR function strives to communicate positive stories about the organizations it supports. When we capture storytelling assets for one of our clients, no one proactively comes forth to share the time that something went horribly wrong. Yet, failure is one of the best techniques to bring tension or even drama …more

The Skewering of Rikk Wilde and His MVP Award Communications Misses Two Points

It’s been a tough few days for Mr. Wilde. Since his communications in handing Madison Bumgarner the MVP trophy for the World Series and keys to a Chevy Colorado, the media has crushed Mr. Wilde (and those were the nice ones). While Mr. Wilde’s LinkedIn profile isn’t exactly enlightening, we can safely assume that when …more