The Best Business Storytelling ...


After 600+ posts, I feel that I’ve honed my voice. Of course, that doesn’t mean that every post hits the mark (or even gets horse-shoe close).

Still, I’ve strived to apply the same counsel we share with clients: Offer fresh takes that help those in communications.

As far as what constitutes the “best,” it’s a mashup of my subjective grade and number of views.

Here goes —

Puppy Love with Drama - video storytelling

And what happens to the same video when I remove the bad stuff?

Spoiler alert: The tension dissipates.

Puppy Love without Drama- video storytelling

  • Omnicom and Publicis Finally Agree on a Message: We’re Done! I thought this transaction was ill-conceived from the get-go. What I didn’t anticipate was the irony of the people behind the messaging morphing into the gang that couldn’t shoot straight. This headline gets my vote for the best of the year.

I’ll publish the rest of the list on Wednesday.


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