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A Peek Behind the Curtain of Business Insider’s Newsroom

Four of our account professionals attended “Inside the Newsroom with Business Insider” organized by PRSA Silicon Valley earlier this month. It gave folks the opportunity to hear from two of Business Insider’s tech reporters,  Jillian D’Onfro and Matt Weinberger as well as Technology Section Editor and San Francisco Bureau Chief Matt Rosoff. I’m pleased to …more

Author Reflects on The Harmony of Words and Visuals in Storytelling

Imagine one blog post causing such a ruckus that readers demanded a book. That’s essentially what happened to Ella Frances Sanders when she created the post “11 Untranslatable Words From Other Cultures” in 2013. Roughly 12 months later, her book “Lost in Translation” hit the book stores and was an instant hit. Amid considerable media …more

Common Ground Between Storytelling and Leaders Who Inspire

I can’t pinpoint exactly when I met Raf Stevens. He’s part of what I refer to as the “storytelling posse” on Twitter, those evangelizing business storytelling 140 characters at a time. Not one to limit his narratives, Raf recently published his second book “Leadership, Storytelling and the Power of Connection” which explores the role of …more

How to Interview a Dead Person (and the Potential PR Implications)

Given the headline, you might be thinking that my binge watching of Dexter has gone too far. Relax. I’m not suggesting you literally interview the deceased. Instead, the idea is to go back in time to interview a famous person by “borrowing” from existing video footage. shows the way in creating a video in …more

Making That Pesky and Inaccurate Information on the Internet Go Away

It’s not easy. Here’s the situation. The giant Hong Kong food company, Lee Kum Kee Products Group, created an app and website for the China market. The app evangelizes a healthy lifestyle, encouraging people to embrace the one exercise that can be done anywhere, walking. As can happen on the Internet, wires got crossed and …more

Cannes Lions as a Force for Good in Supporting NGOs

Our European managing director, Mike Sottak, made the trek to the French Riviera to attend Cannes Lions. I believe this is where we cue the audio, “Hey, it’s tough duty, but someone has to do it.” If you haven’t heard of this event, here’s the description straight from the horse’s website: We believe creativity is …more

Native Advertising Isn’t the Only Paid Content Blurring the Line of Journalism

The debate on native advertising rages on. Earlier this month the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) again reminded publishers that dressing up ads as journalism calls for clear labeling on the product. Mary Engle, associate director of advertising practices for the FTC, said at the Clean Ads I/O conference, “For us, the concern is whether consumers recognize …more