PR Agency Turns to ...


The headline is our attempt at inserting incongruence into the story.

As you would suspect, PR agencies typically don’t use advertising as part of the marketing mix. When they do, the creative often lacks inspiration (to put it kindly).

I’d like to think we’re an exception to the rule.

Which brings me to our initiative around “The story is always there” and creating an ad to get the word out. We considered riffing on “Where’s Waldo?” but landed on a typographic treatment of the words with our trusty shovel. You can see the ad below.

The Hoffman Agency initiative motto as advertisement

This mentality of pushing from Point A to Point B to Point C which ultimately leads us to Point D where the good stuff resides is part art (doggedness) and part science (interviewing techniques).

We can teach the science component. In fact, Dan Tynan who previously worked as editor-in-chief for Yahoo Technology recently conducted a training session on interviewing for the Agency (post on the way).

Doggedness is a different story (pun intended). At Hoffman, we try to identify this quality during the hiring process.

Does the individual go above and beyond the call of duty? Does the individual keep the scent of the trail? And when things don’t go according to plan, does the individual create a new path forward?

Because the intangibles have a say in “The story is always there.”

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