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Here’s another grab-bag post, capturing a smattering of thoughts related to storytelling techniques.

Apple Ads Didn’t Always Display a Certain Panache

Apple has done such a masterful job in creating its “look and feel,” one forgets the evolutionary process behind the brand.

Check out the print ad below signed off by Mr. Jobs in the late 1970s.

“A is for Apple?”

Not exactly a fresh headline (to be kind).

But there is something insanely great about the ad.

Call the 800-538-9696 number in the ad and guess what happens?

You’re greeted by the words, “Thank you for calling Apple.”

That’s right.

Apple still maintains this customer service number thirty plus years after the ad ran.

Talk about maniacal attention to details.

DRAM and Rice Balls

Elpida, one of the largest DRAM makers, filed for bankruptcy in February.

Came across a story in the New York Times that included a quote from Yukio Sakamoto, Elpida’s CEO:

“The price of one DRAM now hardly buys you one rice ball.”

I think this line captures the company’s plight better than any spreadsheet.

Pinterest CEO Shows Humanity

Pinterest certainly qualifies as the latest “shiny objective” in the world of social media.

Every week brings a slew of stories on the platform.

A recent piece in Business Insider used slides to tell the story of Pinterest’s founder and CEO Ben Silbermann.

What particularly struck me was Silbermann’s willingness to show his humanity.

I loved this slide, which shows Ben has felt ever since Pinterest started taking off.


Great example of how a visual can get across a point that’s tough to match with words.

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