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I’ve written several posts on how storytelling seems to be MIA when it comes to the humble job description.

Even in Silicon Valley where deviating from the status quo is supposed to be the status quo, virtually all companies still borrow from the same HR document called “Deadly Dull Job Descriptions.”

It makes no sense.

If people are an organization’s most valuable asset, logic would suggest that companies treat copy earmarked for job candidates with  intensity similar to what goes into preparing for a quarterly earnings call.

It turns out that the same lack of storytelling plagues recruitment landing pages.

If you plug “________ jobs” (pick your industry) into Google and a click on the AdWord ads, they lead you to a drab careers page or an even drabber landing page.

It gets worse when you zero in on the communications industry with a search such as “PR jobs.” Talk about the cobbler’s kids missing their Michael Kors Graham Booties.

Which I suppose is good news for us because when we zig, it delivers even stronger differentiation when everyone else zags.

You can see how this plays out in our landing page in search of talent. We applied storytelling techniques to our own narrative – both visually and with words – in the page captured below.

Storytelling Techniques in a Landing Page

Grading out any creative tends to be a subjective exercise.

But the conversational language, fresh word choice and levity, all classic storytelling techniques, demonstrate that it is possible to pump some life into a recruitment landing page.

By opening up, the narrative helps the world get to know us.

BTW, anyone with roughly four to seven years of experience thinking it’s time to explore greener pastures?

You know where to find me.

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