B2B Video Storytelling Plays ...

dos equis parody

Anyone can create a video and gain access to millions of viewers.

The barriers to entry consist of nothing more than a video recorder and an Internet connection.

But the rise of anyone-can-make-a-video has generated a fair amount of dreadful stuff.

It’s especially challenging for a B2B company to create a video that stands apart from the standard fare.

By stand apart, I mean a video that goes beyond the inform/educate objective and actually amuses the viewer. I think it’s fair to say that floating-point operations per second (FLOPS), content management systems and field programmable arrays aren’t intrinsically entertaining.

That’s why a SolarWinds (client) video deserves a shout out.

Playing off the Dos Equis campaign, “The Most Interesting Man in the World,” SolarWinds came up with “The Most Incredible IT Man in the World.”

The video shows even an IT management company can bring a little levity to the scene.

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