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It’s been a good year for storytelling.

One can argue storytelling has become the “new black.”

If that’s true and you buy into the premise that a rising tide lifts all vessels including the humble canoe, then that explains our readership increasing by more than 50 percent.

Many thanks for stopping by.

In the spirit of reflection, I’ve captured my personal favorites from the past 12 months.

Here’s the first half of the list:

  1. An Open letter to the PR community To help Restore the Credibility of Journalists.
    When one of the highest profile columnists on journalism, David Carr, complained about businesses being too tough on his brethren, I felt absolutely horrible. Then, I came up with a campaign to help journalists called “Just Say No to No.” Too early to know if it’s working.
  2. Rationale behind sending a check for $4,865 to a client
    Great PR can’t save a poorly conceived product. With this in mind, we scrutinize the product/service from startups – often playing the role of beta tester – before taking on the assignment. What happens when the product isn’t ready for the bright lights? In short, we take a pass.
  3. The worst customer service narrative in the history of branding
    When United Airlines came up with what they called “Our United Customer Commitment,” people were asleep in the cockpit. How can I put this delicately? It was dreadful. I suspect United agree because they ultimately took the words down.
  4. The Periodic PR Agency Plea, “Help Me Help You”
    One of the best illustrations of “strength of conviction” comes from the movie “Jerry Maguire.” I think the soliloquy “Help me help you” is right up with Hamlet’s “To be or not to be.” I also think it makes a good mantra for PR agencies. Plus, the video of the scene cracks me up every time I watch it.
  5. Sometimes a Brand Doesn’t Need a Name
    There’s something to be said for simplicity in branding. During a family reunion in Vegas, I came across a billboard that achieved the ultimate in simplicity.

The remaining five come your way on Wednesday.

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