The Best Storytelling Posts ...


“Best” is such a subjective word.

One person’s “best” is another person’s “meh.”

Sometimes, the word carries zero meaning as in “You’re the best.”

With the New Year philosophizing out of the way, we can skip to the posts that kicked the hardest as determined by me — not the Google Analytics.



1. Tim Cook All-In with Building the Apple Brand Through Public Relations

How does Apple grade out in sustaining its media footprint week after week, year after year since Mr. Jobs passed away? When Tim Cook took the reins of Apple in late 2011, I suggested that replacing the narrative cultivated by Mr. Jobs would be tougher than the product roadmap. It turns out that Cook paid attention to that lecture on scarcity.


2. As a Public Service to the White House, a News Release Template to Announce Resignations

When I wrote this post last March, it seemed like someone was quitting the House of Trump on a monthly basis. The velocity of resignations has only increased with time. This news release template should save a ton of time for the President’s communications team.


3. Does a Startup Raising Over $100M in Venture Funding Sound Like a Newsworthy Event?

Of course it does. So how does the media, including publications that focus on the startup world like TechCrunch, ignore such an announcement? There are no easy answers to this question. This post explores the pragmatic side of journalism.


4. Will the Communications Industry Change Because of President Trump?

There’s that man again. Since taking the throne, Trump has dominated the news cycle in a way that would make Barnum and Bailey proud. And he’s established a direct pipeline to the public with his incessant tweeting in which 90+ percent of the content essentially says “I’m great” or “You’re not.”


5. Elon Musk Claims the Media Favors Fossil Fuel Companies and Gas Car Makers Who Advertise. The Data Says Otherwise.

Another example of the type of investigative journalism that you don’t find in other communication blogs. In this post, we acknowledge that Elon Musk is good TV, but drill deeper into the topic. When Mr. Musk put forth the hypothesis that the media favored the establishment over Tesla, we conducted the research that proved otherwise (though the company did just announce record production).



I think it shows restraint that only two of the top 10 posts depend on Trump.

I’ll publish the rest of the list on Wednesday.

In the meantime, I’m proud to report that 2018 came to an end with the blog again dominating the longtail search term “esoteric smart ass.”

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