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So many companies tout people as their most valuable asset.

Logically, this would make the recruitment of people one of their most important undertakings.

Yet, companies typically pay scant attention to the writing of a job description.

I posted on the value of applying storytelling techniques to job descriptions some time ago.

Moving from the theoretical to reality, you can see how storytelling techniques insert some life into our own job description:

Senior Communications Consultant

What most accurately describes you, PR person or storyteller? If the latter, keep reading.

Our programs increasingly blend traditional PR with thought leadership, digital properties, social media and SEO-all underlined with the type of storytelling that registers with the target audience as well as influencers.

Regardless of the assignment, clients come to us for a combination of brainpower and passion.

This particular role calls for smarts, op-ed grade writing and a track record in triggering client reactions ranging from “Well done!” to “I’m naming my first born after you.”

Here are a few specifics that start to dig below the surface of the type of person we’re after:

  • In a world where anyone can access a digital megaphone, we believe content based on storytelling techniques is the answer to rising above the fray. Are you the type of person who flags colorful anecdotes during evening reading?
  • It’s not exactly enduring or endearing if you reach out to someone only when you need something. Yet, most communicators just contact influencers when a client has a news announcement. Do your interactions with influencers deviate from the norm, reflecting more of an industry source?
zig zag
  • Are you a brave soul? While everyone seems to “zag,” do you know how to a) develop thinking that “zigs,” and b) counsel clients with strength of conviction on the benefits of going the “zig” route?

This role calls for six to 10 years of experience.

If our thinking resonates, we’d love to hear from you.

Send your background to Lou Hoffman at

And yes, we really are looking for such a soul.

Know anyone?


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