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AIG Jumps into Fray with Its Side of the Story

Watching the volcanic outrage over the AIG bonus money playing out in the media I wondered how the company would respond. Many companies make the mistake of ducking for cover thinking they can wait out the storm. While AIG is hardly the poster child for business communications, it made the right move with an op-ed from the CEO Edward Liddy …more

Tying Your Story to a High-profile Topic — Even "Slumdog Millionaire" — Can Go Too Far

Leveraging a high-profile topic can open the door to your own story. We’ve used this technique in our own communications. When Sequoia Capital rolled out its “R.I.P Good Times” pitch that caused considerable hoopla in the world of venture capital, we countered with a guest blog on VentureBeat called “R.I.P. The Controlled Message.” But there are times when this …more

Oprah: Heartfelt Storyteller or Paid Shill?

Oprah is a good storyteller who’s even better at facilitating a story. More than any single element, Oprah has turned tapping into the emotional reservoir of her viewing audience into an art form. That’s why when Oprah came forward on Friday and proclaimed Amazon’s Kindle (e-reader) as life-changing people paid attention. In fact, Oprah’s revelation created more noise in the blogosphere …more