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If You Love Books, You’ll Love This Bookstore

I enjoy leaving the realm of business communications once in a while for the purity of storytelling. It doesn’t get more pure than the “Bookshop Santa Cruz.” Every time I step into the store a sense of discovery washes over me (and under me). After spending the better part of a Saturday afternoon at the …more

Intersection of SEO and Storytelling; Interview with Evan Bailyn

Anyone who writes a book called “Outsmarting Google” has my attention. Combine this technical expertise with a gift for storytelling and we move to a Q&A. Meet Evan Bailyn, founder of First Page Sage. I thought this passage on Evan from a Forbes feature was particularly revealing: All I do is I’m able to get …more

Storytelling from Startups That Resonates in Europe

Luica Mak who spearheads our European operation, is one of the most connected people I know when it comes to the UK media. In this guest post, she asks veteran journalist Nick Booth three questions that probe how new ventures can attract media attention in the UK. I think it’s fair to say his input …more

Q&A With Marketer Behind Parody TV Ad Promoting John Grisham’s Latest Novel

I highlighted a clever video by Doubleday last week, part of the marketing campaign behind John Grisham’s latest novel, “The Litigators.” It shows the storytelling possibilities that can come from combining owned media and social media. John Pitts, VP, Marketing Director at Doubleday and the person behind the Finley & Figg TV ad, was good …more

Three Questions for J Professor and Storytelling Evangelist Don Ranley

Don Ranley taught at the Missouri School of Journalism for 32 years. He has conducted more than 1,000 writing, editing and publishing seminars. And let’s not forget he reported for the “The Catholic Herald Citizen” (weekly, circ. 180,000) in Milwaukee from 1966-1967. In short, here’s a guy who’s knows a thing or two about storytelling. I connected with Don last week after …more

Q&A with Amy Tenderich, The Voice Behind One Of The Top Healthcare Blogs

Taking liberty with lyrics from a Rod Stewart song, “every blogger has a story.” By interviewing brilliant bloggers who don’t have Scoble-like notoriety, I hope to share what’s behind their distinctive voices and followings. I’ve run Q&As with Max Swisher, the 12-year-old who started Good Morning Geek, and Millie Garfield, who’s still going strong at …more

Q&A With The 85-Year-Old Voice Behind "Thoroughly Modern Millie," Part II

I’m not a fan of the phrase “be authentic.” It sounds too clinical. Can’t we just say “be yourself.” That’s exactly how Millie Garfield approaches her blog, which has served the 85-year-old blogger well. Millie was kind enough to talk with me about her writing. I published the first half of the interview yesterday; here’s …more

Q&A With The 85-Year-Old Voice Behind "Thoroughly Modern Millie"

Spend 10 minutes cruising the Net on what makes for a winning blog and you’ll find the same advice repeated again and again. Develop a distinctive voice. Share personal experiences. Communicate a point of view. And, of course, the mantra of the digirati: Be authentic. If you want to see these theories put into practice, …more