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8 Ways to Trigger Retweets No One Talks About

When it comes to advice, generating retweets on Twitter is up there with losing weight and making money. Plug [how to generate retweets] into Google, and you can access around 500,000 pieces of content on this social media topic: Include links Leverage hashtags Tweet at the right time Leave room for retweets Use inspiring quotes …more

Why I Turned Off LinkedIn’s Skills & Endorsements Functionality

I conducted a storytelling workshop at UC Berkeley last month that had a fresh wrinkle. A chunk of time was devoted to applying the concepts of storytelling to one’s personal branding, specifically the resume and LinkedIn profile. Several questions zeroed in on the “Skills & Endorsements” real estate in LinkedIn. While I’m an advocate for …more

LinkedIn to China Inc: “I’d Like to Add You to My Professional Network”

I’ve always thought the Thomas Friedman line should read, “The world is flat … except in China.” Many U.S. Internet and media companies have entered the China market with dreamy aspirations only to find Kafka-esque obstacles at every turn. Watching the latest social media company take the leap, LinkedIn, should make for good TV in …more

Do Publications Walk the Social Media Talk? Do They Truly Serve the Reader?

Every publication has embraced social media. For proof, look no further than the “cutting-edge” journalism of Tactical Knives which connects with readers through Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Pinterest (knives on Pinterest is a story for another time). But here’s the question I posed to our crack research team: Do publications operate their social channels in …more

Social Media Headlines Taking Click Bait to New Heights

I wrote about this issue last year, “Aliens Converge on Sioux Fall, South Dakota in Quest of Killer Headline.” Given the ceaseless bombardment of information, anyone looking for an online audience increasingly thinks of headlines as a form of eye candy. I experience the gravitational pull myself. One quick example – The headline for a …more

Brands in "Sales Mode" Won’t Win Social Media Game at Super Bowl

Hundreds of brands anxiously await the kick off for today’s Super Bowl, their war rooms buzzing with caffeinated beverages and momentum-building wit. Organizations of all types are ready to seize their piece of Warhol-like fame. They just need to be clever at the precise moment, riffing off a happenstance during the game. As shared in …more