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The grab bag returns after a month in exile.

Three quick takes on the intersection of storytelling, digital and communications.

To SEO or Not SEO in the Headline

Actually, it doesn’t have to be one or the other.

We can learn from media properties like Business Insider that have mastered the art of headline eye candy.

Take the BI story that bashed Atomic PR with one of my all-time favorite headlines: “Dear PR Lady: Here’s Why I Didn’t Open Any Of Your 3 Email Pitches”

Few search on “PR Lady.”

But look at how the publication tunes the URL:

Business Insider URL - PR pitch tips

Phrases such as “PR pitch” and “Pitch Tips” and “Tips from a reporter” will generate significantly more clicks.

In fact, plugging [pr pitch tips] into Google lands the “Dear PR Lady” story on page 1 in the fourth position.

Visual Storytelling from Bill Gates

Remember Bill Gates testifying before Congress in response to the Department of Justice bringing anti-trust claims against Microsoft?

It wasn’t pretty.

He came across as stiff and reading from script (to be kind).

Fast forward 20+ years to today –

If there were ever a case study of an executive nerd getting the storytelling religion, it’s Mr. Gates.

In his reincarnation as a philanthropist, he even brings visual storytelling to his role:

Visual Storytelling from Bill Gates - tweets

The Unexpected Connection from Social Media

The beauty of social media – and particularly Twitter – is making connections that otherwise would never happen.

I love this example.

I sent out this tweet more than three years ago about an  Italian a cappella band. As you can see, it recently was favorited.

Connection from Social Media - Twitter

And not just a favorite by anyone, but by Mario Crescenzo who’s in the band. How such an old tweet resurfaced in Mario’s hands is a post for another time.

This triggered a fun exchange with Mario on Twitter culminating with Mario offering comp tickets for a concert and taking my wife and me backstage to meet the band.

Dialogue with Italian band on Twitter

OK, the dialogue didn’t exactly end with a backstage invite.

But it was still cool to connect with this band this way.


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