CliffsNotes on Meeker’s State ...


And people say my PowerPoint decks are too long.

This year’s treatise on the internet from Mary Meeker weighs in at 294 slides.

After reviewing the presentation, I’ve captured the slides that got my attention.


Take Immigrants Out of the U.S. Tech Industry, and the Equation Changes

Thought Bubble: At a time when President Trump doesn’t want your tired, your poor or those with a gift for coding, here’s yet another data point that shows immigrants represent a critical piston in the U.S. tech engine and overall economy. Seems to be more a effective path to job creation than jostling with China on trade tariffs. Anyone know where I can find steel beams at a decent price?


Part II: Take Immigrants Out of the U.S. Tech Industry, and the Equation Changes

Thought Bubble: As this slide reveals, these individuals with a big idea and ability to persuade venture capitalists to write a check come from all over the world, not just China and India.


Can’t Miss China’s Economic Momentum

Thought Bubble: It’s amazing to consider China’s percent of the global GDP treaded at around 3 percent in the early 1990s before embarking on a climb that rang in at 15 percent last year.  At the other end of the spectrum, Europe’s economy can be charitably described as sputtering.


Who’s Going to Win the Mobile Payment Fracas?


Thought Bubble: PayPal is fighting like hell to beat back upstarts such as Square and Stripe as well as the big guys that include Google and Amazon. Of course, the banks and credit cards want a piece of the action as well. Yet, when the dust settles on the category, expect to see Chinese companies like Tencent and Alibaba enjoying dominant positions. The over 500 million mobile payment users give them a home court advantage to leverage critical mass in other markets, including the U.S.


Tech, the Gift that Keeps Giving to PR

Thought Bubble: Change delivers opportunities for PR. Someone has to explain what is going on. And nothing says change like $250+B earmarked for R&D and capital expenditures.


Crossover from Desktops/Laptops to Mobile Devices Continues

Thought Bubble: The idea that the average adult spends 5.9 hours a day with digital media is startling. Just as revealing, the majority of that time comes on mobile devices.


Google’s Hold on Search Giving Way

Thought Bubble: I wonder when the crossover occurred, when more people turned to Amazon than Google when searching for products. No doubt, these numbers worry Google since billions in AdWords advertising are at stake. Between semantic search, AI and voice input, we finally see the type of conditions that could bring new players into search.


If you’d like to cruise through the Meeker deck on your own, you’ll find it at

While it’s not exactly hammock reading, it jars the senses in a constructive way.



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